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Since the early 1980S, our consulting and training materials have been presented to hundreds of organizations across the globe . These businesses have ranged in development from start-up to fortune 500, Our Curriculum incorporates principles such as the value of integrity and excellence with the vision of providing a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to personal and organizational transformation. The overall mission of our materials is to: - Assume competitive leadership. - Create a flexible and efficient organizational design. - Establish a principle-based, collaborative work environment. - Involve and empower employees. Learn more about each of our training programs : - Project management . - Business Consulting . - Employee Training. - Management Training. - Sales Training. - Employee Development . - High performance Teams. - Business Strategy. - Leadership development. Egypt Office: Address: 21 Amarat Sharara, Nasr City 2nd floor, Apt #23 Cairo, Egypt. Landline: +2 24718464 Mobile: +2 01223575508 Fax: +2 26443662 Email:

ارسال بريد إلكترونى لصاحب الاعلان

هناك حقيقة مثبتة منذ زمن طويل وهي أن المحتوى المقروء لصفحة ما سيلهي القارئ عن التركيز على الشكل الخارجي للنص أو شكل توضع الفقرات في الصفحة التي يقرأها. ولذلك يتم استخدام طريقة لوريم إيبسوم لأنها تعطي توزيعاَ طبيعياَ -إلى حد ما- للأحرف عوضاً عن استخدام "هنا يوجد محتوى نصي، هنا يوجد